The Fundy Stamp Collectors Club

c/o 34 Berwick Street
Riverview NB
E1B 5P4

The Fundy Stamp Collectors Club was founded by Harvey Terris in September 1997 and takes its name from The Bay of Fundy, a body of water separating the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and noted for having the highest tides in the world. A haven for whales, it is also recognized as having some very strange island's that when the tide goes out are left stranded looking like giant plant pots. With the tide out it is possible to venture onto the sea bed and walk around these island's that have trees growing out of the tops of them.
One of the rivers that feeds into the Fundy Bay is known as the Petitcodiac River, a tidal river that flows past the Cities of Dieppe, Moncton and the Town of Riverview. The strange thing about this river is the fact that very few trees grow on its banks. There is an old Indian legend that accounts for this phenomenon saying that it was the result of two very large sea creatures fighting in the river.

The question had been asked many times Why is there not a Stamp club in Moncton. With this in mind the initial formation of the Stamp Club was on the initiative of one individual (Harvey Terris). A number of steps were taken to lay out the basis of a club.

1 Over a period of time a formative list of potential members was assembled.

2 The next step was to write up a Constitution and By Laws after a good deal of research. This was a time consuming task but it is interesting to note the only change that has been made was to change the name from Moncton to Fundy Stamp Collectors club to give the club a broader audience.

3 The next step was to rent a room at the Moncton Public Library and contact the people on the primary list. The meeting was on May 9 1997. Three people were present. Dr. Ralph Richardson. Harvey Terris and Mike Leighton

4 It was decided to have prepared a set of overhead projections on why there should be a stamp club and the benefits that could be derived. Dr Ralph Richardson secretary prepared the overheads which still exist.

5 The next meeting was in the fall and Dr Ralph Richardson made the presentation with the over heads. Ron Messenger was the chairman and it was decided to proceed with a club.

6 Due to the By Laws the December 1997 meeting was the time an executive could be appointed and the following officers were elected.

President           Harvey Terris
Vice President      Ronald Messenger
Sec/Tres            Dr. Ralph Richardson
Directors           Robert Blake
		    Micheal Leighton
		    Paul Bourque
		    Reid Eisenhauer
		    Bruce Hills

This executive was the first for the club and held office for the 1998 year.

7 Brunpex. This was an obligation from the constitution and it has been beneficial in that we have become more widely known, have made new friends and have learned from the experience.

Text by Harvey Terris

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